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"As a forever artist, I care deeply about the quality of my work. Composition and attention to detail behind every visual are critical. I love working with people from all industries and backgrounds capturing the human experience,  their passions, and their stories. By photographing others and giving others a chance to be seen, I believe we can make the world a better place. My goal is to provide the highest quality media, over delivering and providing a comfortable, stress free, and most importantly, an enjoyable experience."


DARREN JOSHUA PHOTOGRAPHY is a Latino-owned photography and content creation company based in South Florida. It was founded by Mexican American Darren Joshua Leonardi-Gonzalez, an internationally published photographer with a Bachelor's in Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Darren's portfolio ranges from portraits and products to community events and concerts. His background in landscape architecture and design allows him to create compelling visual stories that highlight the innovation of leading talents in the architecture and design community.


Darren's versatility extends underwater, where he merges his freediving experience with photography to produce stunning underwater portraiture and capture the beauty of the underwater world.


Under the mantra "Art for the Sake of Nature,"

DARREN JOSHUA PHOTOGRAPHY aims to restore the human connection to nature, inspiring others to develop their own relationships with the natural world.

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